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Promoting Energy Communities in Israel

מי אנחנו

About Us

The Israeli Energy Forum has been working since 2008 to promote the transition to a renewable energy-based economy. Today, more than ever, the necessity of utilizing residential areas to produce renewable energy is evident. These areas make up the majority of the built-up area, and making them part of the solution is necessary in order to meet the required goals in the face of the climate-environmental crisis.


In our view, the need to move to an economy based on renewable energy is also a significant opportunity to promote energy-community resilience throughout the various cities in the country, mitigate energy poverty and strengthen the community, for a secure and green future for us and future generations.

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Einat Cohen

Director of Marketing and Media

Expert in tech product management & product marketing renewable energy evangelist


Olga Perl

Director of Infrastructure and Innovation

Organizational psychologist, expert in project management in technological environments and user experience

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  Einat Datner


Operates in the fields of environment and society  In managing national projects, guiding and accompanying processes

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Yael Cohen Paran
Director of Policy

Expert in renewable energies

Former representative of the Green Movement in the Knesset


Channels of action

Our mission is to promote renewable energy production and energy efficiency in the home-built area - private homes and residential buildings. The latter constitute a production potential of approximately 27% of the energy needs of the State of Israel.  Our model is ONE STOP SHOP in the following channels:

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Research and Public Policy
Conducting research for local authorities and government ministries
Promoting supportive policies and removing regulatory barriers



For activists and anyone who wants to promote solar power generation in the community


Accompanying Buildings and Communities
Providing information on solar systems installation, forming local leadership and community agreement,  legal and funding solutions, accompanying the decision making prior to and post installation 

 More about  activists course

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